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Re: [hylafax-users] FHS:54 error (no EOP signal) in sending faxes.

Stan Goodman wrote:
On Friday 15 February 2008 22:33:02 Lee Howard wrote:
Stan Goodman wrote:
In a new installation with newly-bought modem (USR 56K external) I
have a difficulty in sending faxes: The modem connects, seems to
finish its negotiaion and transmit the fax, then after a time
announces that it has a FHS:54 error. The recipient fax machine
announces to its owner only "Communication failure".

I have found in the archives of this list a list of fax error codes.
I now understand from the list of codes that the meaning of the
FHS:54 error is that an EOP signal was not acknowledged by the
recipient machine; it is unclear to me if that means it didn't get
one, or whether what it sent back was defective, or something else.

Since the recipient machine has been operating normally for a long
time without problems, and is therefore probably reliable, I am
assuming that the difficulty is somehow at my end. If someone has
some insight into this error, I would be very grateful for any advice
on how to deal with it.
Re-run faxaddmodem and this time choose Class 1.


Ok, I'll do that. What is the technical rationale?

Because experience has told us that USR's Class 2.0 is quite flawed. Furthermore, USR's Class 2.0 is quite a bit less feature-endowed than is HylaFAX's Class 1 implementation, so all-around it's just better to use Class 1 with USR modems and HylaFAX. However, as far as your specific problem is concerned... the error message that you're reporting is a clear indication that the Class 2.0 firmware is not doing something correctly or that there is something on a lower-level fax protocol aspect that's not going right, and we can't tell what it is in Class 2.0.

Chances are good to extremely good that the problem will not exist when you use Class 1. However, if the problem does persist then the session log will provide much more useful information for us to determine why the problem is occurring and what can be done to fix it.



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