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Re: [hylafax-users] Overriding FaxContact per modem?

* Dayton Turner <dayton@xxxxxxxxx> [080220 08:46]:
> Hello again, list :)
> Is there a way to set FaxContact on a per-modem basis? I see the  
> option in hfaxd.conf (hylafax 4.4.4) and it is set to FaxMaster (which  
> is normally fine) - but one customer who has their own modem would  
> like confirmation messages to also go to an address of their choice  
> (differing from the original sender). I have tried putting FaxContact:  
> in the config file for their modem, but that command isnt valid there.
> Any ideas? I thought about hacking up bin/notify or something, but  
> wasn't sure if i should go down that path before putting the question  
> out there for you guys.

By "FaxContact", I think you mean the "$FROMADDR" used by faxrcvd and

You can change $FROMADDR in $SPOOL/etc/FaxDispatch (used by faxrcvd on
inbound faxes) and/or $SPOOL/etc/FaxNotify (used by notify on outbound

If you want even more control, you can easily make a custom set of templates,
and set $TEMPLATE as desired as well.

> Also in an unrelated question, my version of hylafax is returning  
> amusing error code return results like "2" or "4" or "395" on an  
> outbound fax failing - is there a way to get english status messages  
> somehow?

I thought that was fixed in August 2007 (HylaFAX 4.4.1).  Can you show
me the output of:
	grep -A 1 status $SPOOL/bin/common-functions*


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