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Re: [hylafax-users] Feature Request

I think "jobtag" is a user-specifed job identifier that covers this.

See the "-i" option to sendfax, and the "%J" JobFmt specifier for

I know I use this in processing my faxes to correlate them to database


* Carlos Lorenzo Matés <clmates@xxxxxxxxxxx> [080220 16:36]:
> Hi to All.
> I don't know if this is the proper place to put a feature request, if not, i 
> would be glad to be informed where to put this.
> Here it goes:
> What we need is the option to pass a Remark to the sendfax application.
> The goal:
> This remark will allow to explain the faxes, ie we have our ERP to send faxes 
> automatically for accepted Quotes or Sales Orders, and also to pass purchase 
> orders to providers, and we want to see the les of sent faxes like this
> job      number             remark
> 1164   999999999        SO-8001564 Client Name
> 1165   888888888        SO-8002765 Other Client name
> We also should be able to use this remark in the notification scripts and 
> templates, so the user could receive a clear notification.
> in faxmail, we could use the subject as remark
> the client software could be enhanced (by its developers), to get also this 
> remark
> I think this could be very usefull for everyone making a lot of fax mailing
> Thanks

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