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[hylafax-users] Re[2]: Strange: gaps in output at receiver

[in reply to faxguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, 19-2-2008]

> If this happens consistently with faxes that you send (if you are using

> ECM you can notice this in the session log by noticing the number and 

> sequence of image data frames that require retransmission) to different

> destinations then the problem is most likely on your end... your phone

> lines are bad and probably should be checked by the telco.  If it only

> is dealing with this receiver then it is probably on their end ... and I

> would advise that you advise them to have their lines checked and to get

> a fax machine that supports ECM (error correction).

Hi Lee, 

thanks for the info!

Am I correct in assuming that errors with ECM will manifest as the same "SEND send frame number" lines repeating? Otherwise, how can I deduct corrected errors from the logs? Sorry for this question, but I could not find it in Google.



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