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Re: [hylafax-users] faxrcvd not executed after receiving a fax

* Charl le Roux <subscriptions.clr@xxxxxxxxx> [080227 10:17]:

> Furthermore I have included a test into FaxDispatch and faxrcvd to
> post to a file and from that it is evident that those files are not
> executed at all.
> I can not find the reason why they are not executed and would
> appreciate some help. Please let me know what information I need to
> provide you.


Make sure faxgetty is logging to syslog.  Start by setting ServerTracing
to 0xFFFFFF in $SPOOL/etc/config.<devid>

In syslog logging, you should see faxgetty "running" faxrcvd commands,
something like this:

Feb 27 10:13:09 prod1-phl FaxGetty[13997]: RECV FAX: bin/faxrcvd "recvq/fax000244966.tif" "boston00" "000271970" "" "215NxxNxxx" "800NxxNxxx"
Feb 27 10:13:12 prod1-phl FaxGetty[13997]: FAXRCVD exit status: 0 (9258)

That will tell you that faxgetty is actually trying to run it, and will
tell you the "exit" status of it.  If there's a problem running faxrcvd
the exit status will not be 0.

The next think you can try to do is actually try to run the faxrcvd the
exact same way, by hand.  To do so, you *must* be the uucp user if you
wan't what you do to be similar to the way faxgetty runs it, something
like this:
	[root@prod1-phl hylafax]# su --shell=/bin/bash - uucp
	su: warning: cannot change directory to /var/spool/uucp: No such file or directory
	-bash-2.05b$ cd /var/spool/hylafax
	-bash-2.05b$ bin/faxrcvd "recvq/fax000244966.tif" "boston00" "000271970" "" "215NxxNxxx" "800NxxNxxx"

Look for any errors that are printed by that command.  If you can't see
anything, try running it with a "/bin/sh -x" proceeding it:
	-bash-2.05b$ /bin/sh -x bin/faxrcvd "recvq/fax000244966.tif" "boston00" "000271970" "" "215NxxNxxx" "800NxxNxxx"

If you can't figure it out from that output, send me the output, and I'll
see if I can spot anything.


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