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Re: [hylafax-users] Linux and RTOS

> That's probably all that you need to do... for now.  My investigation
> into real-time Linux was incomplete.  I wrote that HOWTO section
> following faith in what some people were explaining to me about some
> things that have not yet been fully verified.  However, the Zaptel
> comments in that are probably inaccurate.

I question the need for all this fancy bulls*** at all.

1. RTOS - It's running on a Core2 Duo 2GHz (which is an entry level CPU these 

2. All this stuff about fancy serial controller cards... When I am using the 
built in COM1 and COM2 (ttyS0 and ttyS1 in Linux speak) ports, I never have a 
problem and I can guarantee the Motherboard manufacturers built them to a 
price... suddenly because I want to run more then 2 ports, I'm being told I 
need a gold plated, wizz bang, flash controller card with the kitchen sink!

We're only talking modems running at 38400 DTE/DCE speed....

Back in the days of 33k6 and slower dialup we ran ISP's using banks of 
external modems, or for the wealthier ISP's they got rack mount chassis with 
banks of internal modems on them. (Either way they were the same thing).

These were coupled to computers to act as terminal and authentication servers 
via multi port I/O cards. 

I well recall that the vast majority of problems with above mentioned setup 
was poor quality modems, a problem that was quickly fixed with some testing 
of diverse models (because brand name sexy looking modems weren't always what 
they were cracked up to be).

The average computer for the job was a 386 or 486. Certainly, there wasn't a 
perceived need for all this power and features, so what the hell has changed/


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