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Re: [hylafax-users] No Dial tone/No carrier detected

Title: RE: [hylafax-users] No Dial tone/No carrier detected
I don't know much about phones and jacks, so I can't answer your question.  I can tell you that the phone line has 4 lines in the jack, as opposed to 2 lines.  This line has been working for a phone perfectly fine, it is able to dial out and everything, but thats when plugged into a phone.  The modem is a multi-tech faxmodem.  So do you suggest I find another line and try that?
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Sounds like it might be a line issue. Are you using RJ11 or RJ14 jacks? Are the ring to tip wires in the right order? It's possible to cross the ring to tip configuration in which it works for a plug in phone, but the modem is more strict and will not function this way when going off hook.

Justin Francesconi wrote:

Ok, an update.

When I have the dial command set to not look for a tone (X3), I was actually able to hear the modem pick up and dial the number.  Of course, when it dials, nothing happens... it just has that 'static' kind of noise... and after a minute gives up, and then faxstat reports 'No carrier detected'.  What could be causing this?

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Justin Francesconi wrote:
> I don't really care what I have to do/what needs to be done... just as
> long as it works!  It just needs to send faxes.  Are you saying that
> IAXModem may be a better choice?

No, not at all.  I don't have any reason to believe that it should work
better or worse.

 From what it sounds like your modem isn't reaching a fax machine when
it calls out.  And, if it is, then the audio is so corrupted that the
modem doesn't know it... and if that's the case then no fax could get
through anyway.

Plug the fax modem directly into an analog line from your telco.  Does
it work there?



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