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[hylafax-users] No Dial tone/No carrier detected

Title: No Dial tone/No carrier detected

Hello All,

I am new to HylaFax - first time setting it up.  It appears that all is working, except for the actual dialing and sending faxes part of it.  I am in an enviornment where you need to dial 9 before you can dial out, so, I added the following to ModemDialCmd:


This would provide the error "No local dial tone"

So then, I set ModemDialCmd to:

to ignore the dial tone.

This provided the error: "No carrier detected"

I have tried other things as well.  The line is good as verified by hooking a phone  up, and I am able to dial out using this line.  The modem tested fine and appears to be working fine.  The actual line is plugged into the 'LINE' jack of the modem, not the 'PHONE' jack. 

I am using CentOS 5.1.

Any ideas?


Justin Francesconi

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