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Re: [hylafax-users] special dialing ...

Thanks for the reply.
I just tried lots of configuration.
I played a lot with dialrules.europe since it removes prefixes when dialing numbers with local area number (0216) and local country code (+90).
However, I could not manage to add 1045 to the beginning of dialing string when long distance and international calling made.
Please , I really need help...
Burak Ural
On 4/14/08, Karl Denninger <karl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Burak Ural wrote:
 I'm a beginner in Hylafax...
I have setup binary package of Hylafax 4.4.4 on a Centos 4.4 OS.
 I am using Frogfax on windows client to send faxes.
It works but I want to use a special number for dialing all numbers except local ones.
The number is 1045
During setup I used Country Code 90 , Area Code 216 , Long distance prefix 10450 , International dialing prefix 104500
 The reason is , when I fax any number that begins with 0216 should be dialed as local number.
Example: 0216.xxx.xx.xx should be dialed as xxx.xx.xx
Any number that is like 0212.xxx.xx.xx should be dialed as 10450212.xxx.xx.xx
Any number that is like 0049.xxx....   should be dialed as 10450049.xxx.... Frogfax client has no place in phonebook such as area code or country codes. It just dials exactly whatever I enter.
 Could you please advise which settings should be entered to hylafax configuration?
How can I make Frogfax use area codes?
 Best Regards,
Burak Ural
Look at "dialrules" and use "dialtest" to check it.

There is almost nothing you cannot accomplish using this file.  I have a HIGHLY customized copy here.

Karl Denninger (karl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)

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