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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax+

Luigi Carrieri wrote:
Hi all, I have a the following question:
is Hylafax 4.3.7 compatible with Mainpine IQ Express analog fax boards (2-4-8 ports)
and Linux Red Hat RHEL 5.x operating system?
Yes, it will be compatible. Don't forget that we also have a 1-Port board.
Is anybody who already use this configuration?
Possibly not with the exact combination of 4.3.7 and RHEL 5.x... that said, we have customers running HylaFAX and RHEL.


Andrew Rinaldi
Mainpine Developer Support
USA +1 866 363 6680 | UK +44 1225 807 807
andrew.rinaldi@xxxxxxxxxxxx | www.mainpine.com

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