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[hylafax-users] queueing issue



I have looked around a fair amount but havent found anything on this subject:


When you have a lot of faxes in the sendq, the order of sending them out seems to be somewhat random, or at least not using logic that I can point to.

In my testing, I have seen a newly submitted fax get sent out ahead of previously pending faxes, none of which had any problems, such as busy signals etc.


In one test I submitted 79 documents (Jobs 20 through 99), all with the same, default, priority, all to the same fax number (it has multiple lines in a hunt group – more lines than the sending server). It immediately started sending out the first couple faxes (20,21) in the queue and the others were pending. Then it jumped ahead and sent out 24 and then 22 and then 54 and then 57 and then 23. It did have some spurts of 10ish sequential job numbers. Then I submitted another fax about halfway through the queue and it got immediately sent out.

During this time there were no errors, no busy signals on any of the lines, and faxstat reported that they all went out on the first dial.


I am concerned that with a large send queue faxes will get stranded until their expire time, especially in a system with a continual queue.


Does anyone have some insight into the problem, potential solutions or even an explanation of this behavior?


Your experience and time is much appreciated,


-Siri Vias

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