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Re: [hylafax-users] Bulk Faxing


Thats the system that I am looking to employ, the fax(s) in question are not personalised in any way so therefore there is only 1 file to be queued.

Script seems to be the best way to go, the gui looked nice, appears that the username and password option must have been FTP server as it bombs out complaining about FTP.

2008/6/5 Duncan Turnbull <duncan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
I find using the broadcast function of hylafax very effective if you are not personalising a lot

-z and then a file name of numbers using the sendfax command via cli interface. I use a postscipt file, I get through about 600 faxes in about 8 hours using hylafax to iaxmodem to asterix and out to pstn via two analogue lines

This depends on my ssytem being able to pick up the file and know the list to send to, not hard to automate with scripts though

I am not sure about your auth issue, my scripts use scp to pick up files and make local decisions about the sending based on the parameters they are called with

Cheers Duncan

Graham Wooden wrote:


You could have your fax ready in .ps format (like capturing the sending of the fax to a test recipient and saving the /tmp/$$.whatever), then write a bash for-loop to go through the flat file of phone numbers and queue/send with "sendfax". Barring of how many numbers you need to send to vs. the number of IAXmodem ttys, you could churn through your list at a good rate. I have done this method several times in the past and works great.



On 6/5/08 12:57 AM, "Michael Wilson" <mikejww@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


   Have looked at hosts.hfaxd and it is only IP addresses not
   usernames and passwords. Only thing that I can get working or
   should I say indicating that it is working is the Server
   Connection light being green. Communication light is red. That
   seems to work if the Asterisk PBX IP address is input. Other than
   that, whenever I put anything in the Admin Password or Login/Login
   Password I get the response from the CLI of:

   == Connect attempt from '192.168.1.XX' unable to authenticate

   Any ideas?


   2008/6/5 Scott Wolfe <scottwolfe@xxxxxxxxx>:

       Its been a while since I have touched this, but the login
       information should be same information used in your
       hosts.hfaxd when you set up a new user.


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           Looks the business, no docs I see, whats the Login user
           and Password detail?

           2008/6/4 Scott Wolfe <scottwolfe@xxxxxxxxx>:


               I wrote a little app to do this. You can check it out
               at: www.astassistant.com <http://www.astassistant.com>
               . Scroll to the bottom of the screen.

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                   Hi there,

                   I presently run Hylafax on my Asterisk PBX using
                   IAXModem and Zaptel hardware. What I want to be
                   able to do is bulk fax to a list of fax numbers. I
                   presently use the winprint print device to fax
                   from applications. Is there a robotic way of doing
                   this, can a flat file be used as a data source etc.

                   Help is appreciated.

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