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[hylafax-users] Set outgoing CID on Diva 2Fx


I want to set the outgoing CID througt jobcontrol. In my config.ttyds01 I set "ModemSetOriginCmd: AT+iO%d" but where comes the value for %d from?

I searched the archive but didn't find it.

What so I have to set in my jobcontrol-script?
It looks like this now:


## GetClient <owner> <email>
##  - returns a string - the client identifier

## Result of "REJECT" is a non-authorized submitter, and
## should be rejected.
## Result of "" means it's not a virtualized client and
## should be subject to our default modem settings
GetClient ()
# Pretend to lookup the user
CUSTOMER=`echo "SELECT customer FROM $MYSQL_DB.users WHERE username='$1' AND email='$2';" | mysql -u $MYSQL_USER -p$MYSQL_PASSWD -h $MYSQL_HOST --skip-col

if [ $CUSTOMER ] then # Return client if exists echo "$CUSTOMER" else # Reject all others echo "REJECT" fi

            # All others are not full virtual clients

## GetJobParam <param>
## - returns the value of the job param
GetJobParam ()
        grep "^$1:" sendq/q$JOBID | cut -d : -f 2-

## SetControlParam <tag> <value>
SetControlParam ()
    echo "$1: \"$2\""

OWNER=$(GetJobParam owner)
EMAIL=$(GetJobParam mailaddr)

CLIENT=$(GetClient "$OWNER" "$EMAIL")

if [ "$CLIENT" == "REJECT" ]
    SetControlParam RejectNotice "Not authorized"

## And now client-specific settings

NOTIFY=`echo "SELECT notify FROM $MYSQL_DB.clients WHERE customer='$CLIENT';" | mysql -u $MYSQL_USER -p$MYSQL_PASSWD -h $MYSQL_HOST --skip-column-names`
IDENTIFIER=`echo "SELECT CIDName FROM $MYSQL_DB.clients WHERE customer='$CLIENT';" | mysql -u $MYSQL_USER -p$MYSQL_PASSWD -h $MYSQL_HOST --skip-column-names`

# These guys can do whatever they want - they pay big bucks for the
#  privilege, but we make the calling_party appear to be them
SetControlParam UseJOBTSI true
SetControlParam UseJobTagLine true
SetControlParam Notify ${NOTIFY}
SetControlParam LocalIdentifier ${IDENTIFIER}

Thx for you help.


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