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Re: [hylafax-users] Gnome client with modem selection

* Giuliano David <g.david@xxxxxx> [080610 07:20]:
> After many attempts to find a cups backend for hylafax with a 
> traditional popup windows for gnome environment and also a modem 
> selection, I still haven't success. Only with OpenOffice via sendfax 
> command line.

The "cups backend" has the problem of the cups deamon or HylaFAX backend
not having access to to the user's display.

> Does anybody knows where to find something like that and available for 
> every application? (with gfax you can't specify which modem your 
> fax-server has to use)
> Many thanks

I don't know of any, but I'm sure you could easily whip up a simple
sendfax wrapper with {,g,k}dialog and sime simple shell...

I use the following:

		kdialog --title "Send FAX to:" "$@"

	NUM=$(DIALOG --inputbox "Phone number" "fax")
	if [ -n "$NUM" ]
		OUTPUT=$(sendfax -n -d "$NUM" $*)
		DIALOG --msgbox "$OUTPUT"
		DIALOG --error "No number entered"

Which I have set as a "special printer" in KDE:
	command: $HOME/bin/fax-dialog %in


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