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[hylafax-users] Not all channels working using Diva PRI E1 card

Hi all,

I have set up a HylaFAX+ server for fax broadcasting. It uses a
Dialogic/Eicon Diva PRI E1 card and connected to an ISDN30 line.

I'm having this issue wherein not all channels are being used. When
I'm doing a fax broadcast, I am missing 9 channels from the 30
channels. All the config.ttydsXX files are configured the same way.

Any thoughts as to why this is happening? Technical support for the
card says the card should be OK based on a trace log sent to them and
the service provider had said that all 30 channels are enabled for the

Below is the output from a faxstat command. If you notice, ttyds01 to
ttyds09 are always in the "Running and idle" status.

HylaFAX scheduler on faxbroadcast.bettertelco.com: Running
Modem ttyds01 (+61292630100): Running and idle
Modem ttyds02 (+61292630100): Running and idle
Modem ttyds03 (+61292630100): Running and idle
Modem ttyds04 (+61292630100): Running and idle
Modem ttyds05 (+61292630100): Running and idle
Modem ttyds06 (+61292630100): Running and idle
Modem ttyds07 (+61292630100): Running and idle
Modem ttyds08 (+61292630100): Running and idle
Modem ttyds09 (+61292630100): Running and idle
Modem ttyds10 (+61292630100): Sending job 32020
Modem ttyds11 (+61292630100): Sending job 31934
Modem ttyds12 (+61292630100): Sending job 31589
Modem ttyds13 (+61292630100): Initializing server
Modem ttyds14 (+61292630100): Sending job 32022
Modem ttyds15 (+61292630100): Sending job 31906
Modem ttyds16 (+61292630100): Sending job 32016
Modem ttyds17 (+61292630100): Initializing server
Modem ttyds18 (+61292630100): Initializing server
Modem ttyds19 (+61292630100): Sending job 31918
Modem ttyds20 (+61292630100): Sending job 31935
Modem ttyds21 (+61292630100): Sending job 32024
Modem ttyds22 (+61292630100): Sending job 32021
Modem ttyds23 (+61292630100): Sending job 31912
Modem ttyds24 (+61292630100): Sending job 32023
Modem ttyds25 (+61292630100): Sending job 31577
Modem ttyds26 (+61292630100): Sending job 31797
Modem ttyds27 (+61292630100): Sending job 32025
Modem ttyds28 (+61292630100): Initializing server
Modem ttyds29 (+61292630100): Sending job 31765
Modem ttyds30 (+61292630100): Sending job 32010

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