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Re: [hylafax-users] DateStamp PDF Attachment Received by from FaxDispatch

Andy Rogers wrote:
I have been trying to setup hylafax to put a datestamp in the actual email
attachment so I can have an accurate time when we actually received this,
however so far I have not been able to achive this.

I have read through the various archive mail lists and have tried several
approaches and nothing seems to work, I can't get a date stamp to print at
the bottom of each fax received.

I know it is fairly simple to do if you are printing all faxes to a
printer, but how do I actually get the attachment in my e-mail to include
the datestamp?

I haven't searched the archives so pick this with a grain of salt :) I think you can hack MailWithFAX() in faxrcv and then at least BuildAttachArgs and ConvertFile from common-utils.sh to handle a new FILETYPE which will call in the process psmark (as seen in the wiki) or pdftk (see stamp feature) or whatever can do the job. The pdftk path looks a bit more troublesome since you have to generate the pdf with the date every time a fax arrives or you can have a cron job doing it every minute if that's enough.

If the thing is doable and clean enough this could be handy to have in stock hylafax.


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