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[hylafax-users] CID trouble


I have a little problem - I've setup HylaFax and FaxGetty with two
Eicon Diva 4BRI cards.

Initially I didn't use CID (AT#CID=0) and FaxGetty was happiliy answering all
the calls.

However I need CID to sort incoming faxes based on sender. So I used 'AT#CID=3'
- that tells the modem to give a response like this:

RING CID: 0038624200690

Immediately after the change FaxGetty stopped answering the phone until I found
out that the default for 'RIngExtended' changed since the older version (4.1.5)
and was now empty. When I set it to 'RING ' calls were again answered.

However, I still didn't get CID in 'faxrcvd', so I tried setting this:

> CallIDPattern:          "CID: "

When this didn't work, I added this:

> CallIDAnswerLength:     13

I also tried with lower numbers, but no luck...

What am I doing wrong here?

 lp, Danilo

PS: Older hylafax (4.1.5) doesn't have any of the CIDName or CIDNumber set, but
there it works!?
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