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Re: [hylafax-users] FaxAdmin and hfaxd.conf

May not be the brightest of questions, but how do i enable logging?

>>> On 10/15/2008 at 8:46 AM, in message <20081015134612.GU16893@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Aidan Van Dyk <aidan@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
* Joe Kissner <jkissner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [081015 07:58]:
> We have been investigating some LDAP issues over the last few days and
> one thing that has been happening is my fax server is constantly
> trying to resolve "FaxAdmin" through LDAP.  Now after extensive
> searching and research I cannot find where this is originating.  The
> best lead i have is "faxadmin" is located in the hfaxd.conf file but
> it is commented out.  Does anyone have any idea how i can go about
> checking to see where this is originating, I think its coming from
> faxgetty but i can't be sure and have no idea how to check and see
> what exactly it does.  I am running Hylafax 4.0.3 on Fedora Core 6
> with AvantFax 3.3 front end.

HylaFAX itself doesn't know anything about LDAP.  But it is PAM aware,
which means that PAM can be doing LDAP on it's behalf.

The only "pam aware" part of HylaFAX is hfaxd.  And it simply requests
PAM to authenticate  whatever user the client gives to it.  Turning up
hfaxd logging should show you what's trying to log in as "faxadmin"

But faxgetty surely doesn't use PAM directly... So unless you've got NSS
setup to do LDAP on standarge getpwname/getpwuid it's *not* faxgetty. 

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