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[hylafax-users] checking modem...


i am quite new to HylaFAX.

i am trying to set up laptops (ibm thinkpad t-42 and apple ibook g3 both running debian lenny) with hylafax. ideally i would like to turn both machines into virtual fax machines. they both have internal modems and ideally i would like to use them but it it not a requirement.

first is this possible?

i have have hylafax client and server packages installed and i am trying to go through the handbook section at hylafax.org titled "checking the modem"

i installed cu and ran

af@spartan:~$ cu -l ttyf2
cu: open (/dev/ttyf2): No such file or directory
cu: ttyf2: Line in use

wich returned the ouput shown.

that is as far as i have gone.

please advise.


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