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[hylafax-users] Can't get faxmail to pipe

Hylafax 444 isles10
SLES10 sp2

I am trying to setup a mail to fax gateway. I'm using the mail2fax.sh script.http://hylafax.sourceforge.net/howto/misc/mail2fax.sh
 When the script submits to job to hylafax I get two fax jobs. One with the name of the user as the phone # and one with the phone #. The one that actually faxes is just tracing info.
I think I've narrowed the problem to this line in the script: cat $RANDOMFAX/_message_ | faxmail -v -T $FROMPATH | sendfax -vv -n -D -f "$FROMPATH" -i "$JOBID" -d $TONUMBER
I think faxmail is submitting the job then sendfax is as well.
Can anyone help with this?

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