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[hylafax-users] HylaFAX usernames


My question is about how HylaFAX usernames are made up and if there is anyway to change this.

Our configuration:

hylafax-4.4.4-1rhel5 binary install
RedHat EL5
Kernel 2.6.18-92.el5

At the moment we are using the default sendmail configuration to send notifications and do not have a email-to-fax gateway configured.  We have some custom built middleware that handles receiving fax job requests from in-house processing applications and uses the HylaFAX GNU Java API to submit jobs to the HylaFAX server.

The problem that I'm writting the list about is that the username when it gets to HylaFAX is user@domain@host.  In other words it looks like faxuser@xxxxxxxxxxxxx@

This is obviously a problem when HylaFAX tries to notify the client on thier faxjob because sendmail complains about being unable to route the email.

Our current work around is to do a little jimmy with the notification address but ideally we would like to find out if we can change the make up of the username.

Last thing is that we had to also setup the hosts.hfaxd with a regex to allow all users to be able to send.

Thanks in advance

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