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[hylafax-users] AW: AW: AW: Notification for send facsimile doesn t work properly

I tested different things now and I am sure that the notification options are loaded into the job file (either using the client or sendfax with option –D).

And I can also see in /var/log/messages that the bin/notify script is called.


But there is no e-mail being sent to the sender.

The debug-protocol of the mail-server doesn’t show any activity so it doesn’t get the mail-job (when I start the bin/notify script directly I can see the activity in this protocol).


Could this be a rights problem of faxq?





As I've understood the HylaFAX architecture in relation to the issue you are currently discussing:

The notification options (-R / -D) are loaded into the job file when the client server protocol daemon (hfaxd) creates the fax job. 
The fax scheduler process (faxq) then handles the various jobs and depending on the notification options specified in the job file invokes the notify script (bin/notify) to notify the sender.

The notify script has very useful extensibility in using the FaxNotify custom script but that's neither here nor there in relation to the question / issue you've raised.

Hope this helps

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