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Re: [hylafax-users] Viewing faxes over the network


Put this in your modem config files:

RecvFileMode: 0644



Lucas Burdick wrote:

That worked great...but you're right...perhaps the faxrcvd script can change the permissions when it creates the file?

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Hello Lucas,

I also was playing around with a similar scenario today, after I went to the folders of the incoming tif files and run "chmod +r *" as root, everything was fine and I could open them.
So I would also like to know for myself if there is a more elegant way? I could run a cronjob every minute to do that, but I think there was already a smart brain which designed this in a smarter way?

Lucas Burdick schrieb:
I have everything working just like I want, but there is something that has been bothering me.

I’m running the latest version of + (5.2.7) and we use YAHJFC to submit fax jobs. I would like to be able to use YAHJCF to view the faxes as well, but whenever I double click on a fax to view I get an operation not permitted error. It seems to me that I have had this error before with other clients. In fact I can’t really view the faxes at all unless I have them sent to me via email or I login physically to the server.

Any idea what’s necessary to view faxes? What protocol does the server use...I recall that it’s FTP or something similar. Maybe my permissions are messed up?

Obviously I need to narrow this down, where should I start?


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