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Re: [hylafax-users] Questions about linux and faxing

OK, I'll take your "yes" answer as my sign to work forward then.

I am curious what about my actions would not be "legal". I am receiving
faxes on my home phone from someone I don't know. I want to see the fax
they are sending me and would like to get my linux box to do the work.

I would say that the chances are greater that any illegalities are on
the sending end of this little fax game.

I look forward to working to get this up (just not tonight).

On 11-Dec-2008 03:44:07 +0100, you wrote:
> I would say, technically, yes that would work; however I can hardly
vouch for the legalities of said actions.
> Lucas
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> Please forgive my NUBE question regarding faxing. Let me just state
> problem and perhaps you can explain whether hylafax will work for me.
> I continue to receive phone calls from several phone numbers outside
> country. I answer the phone and I hear a fax modem sending a signal.
> I want to intercept the faxes that are being sent to me (except I
> own a fax machine).
> Is it possible to plug my phone line into the phone jack of a
> PC running linux and intercept the signal to the point that I can
> retrieve whatever the fax is? Could some fax server running on this
> linux machine just dump the fax to a .pdf (or .jpg or whatever) file?
> Please explain how wrong I am on this.
> Thanks,
> Jack
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