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Re: [hylafax-users] Questions about linux and faxing

Lucas Burdick typed (on Wed, Dec 10, 2008 at 06:34:44PM -0800):

| > From: hylafax-users-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxx
| >
| > Please forgive my NUBE question regarding faxing. Let me just state
| > my problem and perhaps you can explain whether hylafax will work for
| > me.
| >
| > I continue to receive phone calls from several phone numbers outside
| > my country. I answer the phone and I hear a fax modem sending a
| > signal.
| >
| > I want to intercept the faxes that are being sent to me (except I
| > don't own a fax machine).
| >
| > Is it possible to plug my phone line into the phone jack of a
| > standard PC running linux and intercept the signal to the point that
| > I can retrieve whatever the fax is? Could some fax server running on
| > this linux machine just dump the fax to a .pdf (or .jpg or whatever)
| > file?
| >
| > Please explain how wrong I am on this.
| >
| > Thanks,
| >
| > Jack
| I would say, technically, yes that would work; however I can hardly
| vouch for the legalities of said actions.

Legality???  It's his phone line and someone is ringing it.  Where is
there a legal problem with whatever means he uses to answer the call?

Jack, yes, Hylafax can receive as well as send. And yes, it is quite
normal for Hylafax to mail the fax as a PDF to whomever you designate.

It was certainly easy for you to know that you were not answering a
voice call, but how did you deduce that you were hearing a fax and
not a modem?


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