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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax 4.4 and Longshine LCS-8156-S USB modem

According to the documentation at http://www.longshine.de/longshine/products/modem/8156A/8156A-command.pdf

Make sure your dial command/init commands contain L3 M2 for high volume and speaker on all the time.  M1 would work too if you just want to hear the handshake.

Also I noticed in http://www.longshine.de/longshine/products/modem/8156A/8156A_eng.pdf that it mentioned Class 1 as the fax mode.  Make sure you use class 1 in the modem setup.

Also, to check for line quality issues try calling yourself on a cell or land line.  It's not perfect but you should be able to hear if there's something wrong with the physical line which can cause handshake drops.

Another thing I just thought about.  What do your logs say?  Does it try the handshake multiple times?  Maybe you could send us the full call log.

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On 11.12.2008 15:07, Mark Shirley wrote:
> Is it possible to listen to the modem handshake during the call?  I
> know it sounds elementary but you'd be surprised how many line
> quality issues, protocol issues, compression issues, etc... can be
> detected simply by listening to the modem.

I tried that already by setting the speaker volume to medium within 
Hylafax but still no sound. Do I have to configure something else?

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