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Re: [hylafax-users] I need a '#' in my dial string

* Lee Howard <lee.howard@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [081212 16:50]:
> Brent Butler wrote:
>> I am faxing through a PBX where I need to terminate a telephone number
>> with a '#'.  Apparently sendfax thinks this character is used to
>> provide a subaddress and so strips it out.  How can I tell it not to
>> strip out this perfectly acceptable DTMF character from the dial
>> string??
> Substitute the # with something like "_".  Then in your dialrules change  
> the "_" into an "#" with something like this:
> _  = #

Or, if you always need it at the end, just add the # to the modem config
dial command.  Or just add it with dialrules.


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