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[hylafax-users] SOLVED Basic sendfax failures - "no_formatter" but GS installed?

The problem was that on this system the /var partition is set as "noexec, nosuid" for security. This is pretty common in Linux installations, in my experience, because no one runs scripts and executables in /var.

No one except Hylafax, I guess.  :}

Is there a historical reason (SGI?) why Hylafax puts ALL of its eggs - including executable scripts - in the /var/spool/hylafax basket? I can't think of any other package that does this. (Generally, isn't /var is the home of temporary, log, and spool files, not executables and config files? Yea, along with some stuff like /var/cron/*, but that's a little different.)

Maybe this could get on the list for Hylafax 5.0, to install its bin/* and config files in more POSIX-standard locations, for both security and maintainability? I'll defer to my betters on that, but makes sense to me.

For now, I'm going to try moving /var/spool/hylafax/bin to somewhere else (like /usr/local/bin/hylafax) and symlinking to it. Don't know if that will get around the noexec problem or not, but it's easier than getting the admins to "downgrade" security on the entire box, which is probably a non-starter around here.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Ruggiero
> Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 3:16 PM
> To: 'hylafax-users@xxxxxxxxxxx'
> Subject: Basic sendfax failures - "no_formatter" but GS installed?
> I'm just trying to get started here and hitting the proverbial brick wall.
> Setup:
> HF 4.4.4 on RHEL 5, kernel 2.6.18-92, libtiff-3.8.2-7.el5_2.2,
> ghostscript-fonts-5.50-13.1.1, and ghostscript-8.15.2-9.1.el5_1.1. All
> standard RHEL RPMs.
> This is a send-only configuration, so no faxgetty. I've run faxsetup and
> faxaddmodem and do a "faxmodem /dev/ttyS0" at startup. (Modem is a
> standard Class 1-2.0 multitech, serially connected.) I've verified I can
> talk to the modem, no problem.
> When I submit a fax with sendfax, it pretty immediately fails. The
> /var/log/messages entries are below. (I set ServerTracing to 0xFFF and
> SessionTracing to 0xFFF in etc/config.ttyS0. I also set ServerTracing to
> 0xFFF in etc/config.)
> I know the notify error says "no formatter", but I have ghostscript
> installed and happy. So...
> 1) Why is it failing?
> 2) Why am I not getting notified by email? (I'm root, job is submitted as
> root.) Is there something wrong with bin/notify? Or does the notify need
> to be set up somehow?
> Thank you, thank you, for any help and advice here. I'm just plain lost
> right now.

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