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Re: [hylafax-users] Operation not permitted

* APS <dev.malst@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [081219 05:05]:
> Hi everyone,
> I've a weird problem on hylafax, I already searched but all the hints  
> seems to not concern my problem.
> I poll programmatically to hylafax ftp asking for the list of received 
> faxes. When there's one item in the list I try to retrieve the file but 
> sometimes (in a 1%) I receive a "550 Operation not permitted". If I wait 
> some second and I retry the retrieving command it runs succesfully and I 
> receive the file.

This would generally mean the fax is still being received, and is
"locked" by the faxgetty receiving it.

> Searching on the net I found solutions like changing permissions on  
> files but if waiting some seconds it goes well it can't be a  
> configuration problem.
> It's possible that hylafax insert a fax as received before finishing to 
> save it or to apply permissions on it?

Yes, as soon as the fax is "Started", it will be visabile in the recvq
listing.  It won't be "RETR"able until it's finished.

> Some ideas?

The "%z" option in RecvFmt for the recvq listing will show you if it' sa
receive in progress (won't RETR) or now.  See the faxstat man page.

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