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Re: [hylafax-users] SOLVED Basic sendfax failures - "no_formatter" but GS installed?

David Ruggiero wrote:
The problem was that on this system the /var partition is set as "noexec, nosuid" for security. This is pretty common in Linux installations, in my experience, because no one runs scripts and executables in /var.

No one except Hylafax, I guess. :}

I believe that LPRng did.

Be aware that there is a good purpose in having them there.

Is there a historical reason (SGI?) why Hylafax puts ALL of its eggs - including executable scripts - in the /var/spool/hylafax basket? I can't think of any other package that does this. (Generally, isn't /var is the home of temporary, log, and spool files, not executables and config files? Yea, along with some stuff like /var/cron/*, but that's a little different.)

You can build HylaFAX with the HYLAFAX_SPOOL directory being somewhere else... be it /var/hylafax or wherever. However, understand that the queue directories really are spool directories. According to FHS zealots these therefore belong under /var/spool... and yet according to those same people our scripts in the same chroot don't belong there.

Breaking them into remote places would therefore make the chroot difficult or impossible as well as tripping-up the capability for an administrator logged in through hfaxd to make modifications to the deliberately *customizable* scripts.

You can read some of my debate about this topic here (warning, it's a long read):


In the end it comes down to who is master and who is servant. On your system your SElinux configuration may rule with FHS authority... and in that case you'll need to do something other than what HylaFAX does by default.



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