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Re: [hylafax-users] Faxes received with error

Vágó István wrote:
I having problem with faxes received from some fax peers. These faxes
received with the following error message. The error is only received after
the last page of these faxes. The received image otherwise looks fine. But
because the fax was not confirmed, these clients try to send them again and
again until it come over without the error (three or more times). Is there
any solution to overcome this error?

Dec 17 12:53:05.37: [ 4686]: --> [20:+FPS:2,2880,9240,2,0] Dec 17 12:53:05.38: [ 4686]: --> [6:+FET:2] Dec 17 12:53:05.38: [ 4686]: RECV recv EOP (no more pages or documents) Dec 17 12:53:05.38: [ 4686]: --> [2:OK] Dec 17 12:53:05.38: [ 4686]: RECV send RTN (retrain negative) Dec 17 12:53:05.38: [ 4686]: <-- [7:AT+FDR\r] Dec 17 12:53:08.03: [ 4686]: --> [5:ERROR]

It's a discrepancy between the sender and your HylaFAX configuration with regards to what the RTN signal means and how to handle it.

Your modem, operating in Class 2.0, detected too many errors in the image data sent by the sender. Therefore it is signaling RTN (reject page quality, retrain before next page) to the sender.

There is no perfect consensus among fax machine manufacturers and fax softwares and fax modems with respect to how such a case should be handled. HylaFAX interprets this as meaning that the page should be resent. Some senders treat RTN as a confirmation of sorts. Some senders will hang up and others will not. Still others are not capable of resending the page without first hanging up and requiring the user to physically re-insert the page into the fax machine.

You can review the hylafax-config man page:


... for "BadPageHandlingMethod" and "RTNHandlingMethod" for some more information about this issue. However, my advise to you is to switch to Class 1 (and if your modem doesn't support it then to get a modem that does) and you'll largely do away with this concern because of the addition of ECM support you'll get from Class 1.



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