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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax and Vonage

On December 17, 2008 14:33:08 Ansar Mohammed wrote:
> Hello All,
> Anyone use Hylafax and Vonage? Is it reliable?

Yes, I have been using it for about 8 months now. Originally, I couldn't get 
it to work on a standard voice-grade line; I had to obtain a separate Vonage 
fax line at a cost of roughly $13.00 (Canadian) per month. Although I had a  
problem at first (i.e., I remember going to a job interview and noticing that 
one line of text in my fax to that employer appeared squashed.). Fortunately, 
when I contacted Vonage, they were able to fix the problem by making some 
adjustments to my line (and possibly to my VoIP gateway) from their end. 

And fortunately, the Motorolla gateway (which has a built-in 4-port router) 
that I had already purchased through Vonage had an extra telephone port which 
I was able to connect directly to my external serial modem.

I have not had any problems since then, even though I kept my data 
transmission rate at its original setting (i.e., 14, 400 bits/s) instead of 
reducing it to the recommended 9, 600 bits/s. 


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