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Re: [hylafax-users] e-mail notifications

* Pere Pie <pere.saisl@xxxxxxxxx> [090212 13:19]:

> Thanks Aidan,
> "mailaddr that the job contains". Usually I sent all fax from a windows  
> workstation. I've configured a user with it's mail. But the problem is  
> that I do not receive the fax attached with pdf or tif format. I would  
> like to get a copy of the sent or failed fax in the notification message.
> Any idea about what I'm making bad?

If you've RETURNFILETYPE in FaxNotify, and are getting the notify
emalis, but without attachments, I have no idea why.

But at this point, you haven't even made it clear if you're even getting
*any* notification mails your expecting.  Did you even submit the job
requesting notification?  With sendfax, that's the -D/-N/-R options.  I
have no idea what config/option your windows client would need.


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