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[hylafax-users] hylafax and count of iaxmodem optimization

   Now I'm thinking how optimizate count of iaxmodems. Now I have 50 faxserver clients, and for each client I have created one iaxmodem (total is 50 iaxmodems...). For incoming faxes I've created only 5 iaxmodems (according destination number we can easy find the owner of this number). But the real 'headache' is with outgoing faxes. I have noticed that the maximum count of simultaneous outgoing faxes - 5 channels. So why do I need to create 50 iaxmodem channels.... ? I think it would be better create 10 iaxmodems for outgoing faxes. And all clients would share the same iaxmodems. Using JobControl script I can dynamic change fax headers and other stuff according fax client. The main issue would be with source number, cause each client has own fax number. All clients would share the same modems and how to change modem's source number accourding client?
  It's possible to do with prefix and asterisk extension logic  (I send fax with sendfax and destination would be '<client_id><number>'), and  asterisk would change source number accourding prefix). But maybe you can share your experience or can give some hints...

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