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[hylafax-users] R: Help Faxcron: I don't want to delete receivedfax!

When I' trying to schedule faxcron with crontab, I've found that is already
called in etc/cron.weekly  

Here below the file "hylafax"


test -f /usr/sbin/faxcron || exit 0
test -f /usr/sbin/faxqclean || exit 0
test -f /var/spool/hylafax/log/xferfaxlog || exit 0

# Rotate the HylaFAX logfile

savelog -c 5 /var/log/hylafax/hylafax.log >/dev/null

# HylaFAX routine maintenance script

savelog -c 5 /var/log/hylafax/faxcron.log >/dev/null
faxcron -info 35 -log 35 -rcv 100 -tmp 15 -mode 664 >>
/var/log/hylafax/faxcron.log 2>&1

# HylaFAX queue cleaner process (3024000s = 35 day)

savelog -c 5 /var/log/hylafax/faxqclean.log >/dev/null
faxqclean -t -j 3024000 -a >> /var/log/hylafax/faxqclean.log 2>&1


First I don't understand what is the meaning 
of the first three line "test -f etc.."

Second because I don't want that the sent/receive faxes are deleted 
I 'm thinking to modify the line of faxcron with value -rcv 3650 (10 years)
And completely remove the line of faxqclean

Did you think this will correct ?

Thanks Diego


* faxmaster <faxmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx> [090311 06:30]:
> How I can say to faxcron only to send report of fax without delete
faxcron will deleted "old" stuff.  The standard solution is just change what
it considers old.  See the faxcron man page for specifics, but you'll want
to pick some suitably large values for -rcv and and -log, but probably not
for -tmp and -info.

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