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[hylafax-users] modem "wedged" yet working fine...


I searched the list and read the man pages, but I'm not finding any solutions...

I keep getting "modem on /dev/ttyR0 appears wedged" emails. In the past , I would have rebooted the modem, killed the faxgetty process and let it respawn, and it would have been fine. But now no matter what I do, I cannot stop hylafax from sending me that warning every 5 minutes...

the strange part is this:

1) The modem works fine, it's sending lots of faxes with no errors in the logs.
2) I'm not seeing any errors from faxgetty in the syslogs
3) when not in use, faxstat reports: Modem ttyR0 (xxx-xxx-xxxx): Running and idle , meaning that initialization succeeded and therefore modem should not be wedged !

Why does hylafax thinks it's wedged ?!?!?

so far I tried:

1) power cycling the modem
2) killing the faxgetty process
3) restarting hylafax
4) using faxstate to disbale the modem, and reenable it
5) reconfiguring the modem with faxaddmodem
6) set MaxSetupAttempts to 10

Also, for some reason I changed WEDGED_EMAIL_INTERVAL in /var/spool/hylafax/etc/FaxDispatch to 60, restart hylafax, and I still get emails every 5 minutes... I also notice that /var/spool/hylafax/tmp is empty. I went though the "wedged" script, it should leave a file called ttyR0_last_wedged_email behind, but it doesn't. This probably explains why I still get the emails every 5 minutes.

I'm out of ideas here. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Red Hat Linux release 9
faxgetty on ttyR0 reports: MODEM HAYES V.90 SERIAL S052099G -U H207 Hayes V.90 Serial s052099g -U H207

-- Daniel Bourque Sr. Systems Engineer WeatherData Service Inc An Accuweather Company

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