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Re: [hylafax-users] Translation of the faxstatus

* Sebastian Mayer <sebastian.mayer@xxxxxxxxxxx> [100420 08:45]:
> Hello Hylafax-Users,
> is there any possibility to translate the different messages of the fax status?
> For example:
> REJECT: Too many attempts to dial: 12, max 12 -> ABGELEHNT: Zu viele Wählversuche: 12, max 12
> System: Debian Etch, Hylafax Version: 4.3.1

Yes and no.  In the last 3 year, HylaFAX has seen improvements in this
area.  The clientss are all localized, but we haven't found a way to
"post-localize" the server messagesa, which all need to be stored in

But to at least give more detailed information in local languages, there
is a "STATUSCODE" job parameter, which you can easily lookup and
translate...  But so far, we haven't found a way to "translate on the
fly" these alreayd generated messages.

The particular error you're getting is STATUSCODE 334, and can be looked
up here:

So with the STATUCODE, and the lookup table, you should be able to use a
translated lookup table and get a good idea of what the error is.  But
the status string in the job already has the formatting/values applied
to it.


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