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Re: [hylafax-users] Sendfax at hylafax-server does not send

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Am 15.06.2010 22:04, schrieb Sandra Weddig:

> I did install Hylafax and Capisuite at a SuSE 11.2 server. 

Hello Sandra,

if you must use CAPI, you have to install capi4hylafax instead of capisuite.

> A isdn-card is installed at server.

Which type of ISDN card?

> I can send faxes when I use capisuitefax.
> Also receiving of faxes is no problem.

But I guess this receiving function is part of capisuite and not related to HylaFAX at all.

> What could cause the problem?

> Jun 13 21:07:50 server-hostname FaxQueuer[19035]: SUBMIT JOB 23
> Jun 13 21:07:50 server-hostname FaxQueuer[19035]: JOB 23 (blocked dest
> +49123456789 pri 127 tts 0:00:00 killtime 2:59:00): Blocked by
> concurrent calls

HylaFAX seems to think it has a modem and just tries to send an older job to the same number which blocks the current job. But probably the sending will always fail.

Please read the documentation of capi4hylafax. If you have any specific questions after reading, you can ask on this list again.
I cannot give any specific help for SuSE since I used it on Debian only (until about 2 years ago).

In general I can no longer recommend using capi4hylafax. At least in combination with an AVM B1 ISA card it seems to be buggy. (I don't know if it is c4h, the CAPI driver or the card's firmware.) If you send a multipage document, in some cases the receiver gets only the first page without any error message on your side.
With c4h you cannot use all features of HylaFAX, for example JobControl or DynamicConfig do not work.
I recommend using an ISDN card with a TTY interface that appears to HylaFAX like a fax modem.

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