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Re: [hylafax-users] Sendfax at hylafax-server does not send

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Am 19.06.2010 10:27, schrieb Sandra Weddig:

> I also have capi45hylafax installed. Hylafax start without problems.

Hello Sandra,

I don't know if capisuite may conflict with capi4hylafax. You have to make sure that only one program for receiving faxes is running.
If you don't need capisuite I recommend to uninstall the capisuite package.

> My ISDN-card is a AVM 2.0 PCI ISDN Controller.

OK. With AVM cards you can only use CAPI.

> How can I controller
> wether my IDSN card will be recognized as a fax modem by Hylafax or not?

1. Configure capi4hylafax. There should be an example configuration file.
2. You might have to configure HylaFAX to call c2faxsend instead of faxsend. (I don't know the SuSE packages. The Debian packages include a wrapper script that automatically chooses c2faxsend for modems named faxCAPI* and the original faxsend program for others.)
3. Use the faxmodem program to inform HylaFAX about the faxCAPI* "modems", not faxgetty. (IIRC the configuration files in the Debian packages handle this automatically.)

As I already wrote in other messages I do not recommend to use capi4hylafax because I had problems when sending multipage documents.

Alternatively you can use Asterisk and IAXmodem instead of capi4hylafax. This requires more work for setup, but it might be more reliable. (I never used this myself.)

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