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Re: [hylafax-users] Seeing a lot of KILL TIME EXPIRED

Hi Adam,

Unfortunately, we could only guess here as to what is going wrong. While the likelihood is that your HylaFAX version is largely-based on open-source HylaFAX and therefore may be something similar to what we understand, there is no assurance that we'd be doing you any favors by speculating as to whether or not the problems you're experiencing are configuration problems or bugs in the software. With proprietary software you almost always have to return to the software provider in order to get authoritative support; when contemplating whether or not something is a bug access to the source code is really a must.

Your behavior of killing faxq automatically and then restarting it seems to be based on a conclusion that you are hitting on a bug. Per your statement, it's being done automatically at night because it's what you have to do manually during the day to restore operations. Allow me to suggest that if you are truly dealing with a bug, and if your only real course of action is to restart faxq (rather than appealing to the software provider), that simply doing it on a clock schedule is inadequate. Instead, you should probably have a small script or something that very regularly (like every 5 minutes or less) monitors the queue, and if the queue is stalled to then to do what is necessary. You're going to be the best-suited to do that scripting, as much of what is required is to be able to identify what constitutes a stalled queue.

I am curious, however, as to why you turned for support here rather than to the software provider. (?)



Adam Engel wrote:
Hey all,

CentOS release 5.3 (Final)
hylafax-enterprise-4.1.4-rhel5 ( I realize it's enterprise but figured that this is an issue most likely not related to it )
Current Kill time - now +6 hour

Recently I have noticed that we are getting A LOT of KILL TIME EXPIRED errors in /var/log/messages. We send out over 400 pages a day during the week with most of them happening kind of at the same time. We have a job that will query a database to see what it needs to send out and then will send the faxes.

Part of me thinks that faxq is having issues and dies so I set up a script to run every night at 1am to stop hylafax, 'killall faxq', then start hylafax in hopes that this resolves the issue. I think that this is the issue because when I am informed that "faxes don't seem to be going out", I will look at 'faxstat -s' and see hundreds of faxes in the queue prompting me to stop hylafax, kill faxq and then restart it.

I have a Brooktrout card with 12 channels dedicated to outbound faxing so I doubt I am sending too many faxes at once.

Our FaxNotify script has been edited so that it uses custom in-house scripts to change the status of the fax in our database. I added a line for time outs, but does a timedout fax even go through etc/FaxNotify?

    echo "$failedline" | grep -i "timedout" > /dev/null 2>&1
     if [ $? -eq 0 ] ; then
      substatus="Killtime was met";

If hylafax attempts to send a fax and it fails, does it go to the end of the queue or does it hold up the batch until it's killtime has expired?

Do you guys have any suggestions on what I can do to resolve the KILL TIME EXPIRED errors? I have a Nagios server and am in the process of setting up the queue monitoring so that I can monitor the queue for when it gets out of hand during these times.


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