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Re: [hylafax-users] HELP BUILDING FAX SERVER

Being a hylafax user and a 3com pbx certified technician this combination leaves me a bit stumped.  Which 3com PBX do you have, the NBX of VCX?  Neither of them really have T1 pass-thru capabilities directly.  Do you have 2 T1’s one for Voice and 1 for fax?  Then this makes sense.

T1 -1 -à 3COM

T1 -2-à Hylafax box


Otherwise there would need to be some other channel bank type device before the pbx and hylafax to split the T1 into channels for each to use.


Thank You

Robert Branham


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From: Amaury Medina [mailto:amedina@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2010 3:50 PM
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Subject: [hylafax-users] HELP BUILDING FAX SERVER


Hi, it’s my first time using a mail list, I want to setup a hylafax server with a T1 card for use with our existing T1 VOICE LINE.


In the past we have the following setup:  T1 LINE  =è 3COM PBX =è HYLAFAX SERVER.


The company divided and the old BOSS tock the old Hylafax server, now I want to build the same setup because it was working great.


I need your help to identify what components I need, Hardware and Software, I new in the linux world but I know I can do it whit the correct advice.


I was checking the followind T1 CARD te110p I don’t now If I can user this card.


Well,  thanks for all.


Waiting for your response.


Amaury Medina

Administrador de Redes


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P Antes de imprimir este correo piensa bien si es necesario  hacerlo, el medio ambiente es cosa de todos.



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