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Mandrake Packages

These are unofficial Mandrake RPMs for Hylafax.

[edit] Mandrake 10.0 RPMs

They were put together by Bill Binko and are not fully tested. Please send feedback on them to

To build from source on Mandrake, download: Hylafax-4.2.1 Source RPM The SPEC file in this source RPM should be fairly close to what is needed for Mandrake 10.1 and higher. Please contact me if you successfully build against a newer version of Mandrake.

To install from binary RPMs, download and install all of the following:

Note: Due to the way Mandrake packages by default, the Hylafax install is distributed across the five RPMs. I (Bill) am working on reducing the number of RPMs but I need to make sure it will be a clean upgrade when users upgrade to the official RPMs (which are laid out this way).

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