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Beta Versions

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The HylaFAX development team often asks other developers and interested HylaFAX users to test upcoming software releases. As these are beta versions of software they may contain more bugs than usual, and should probably not be used on production servers if your job depends on the performance of that server!

Reporting Bugs

The HylaFAX Bugzilla is located at Please file a bug report there if you can. If you prefer to send a message to the mailing lists to discuss the problem, we encourage you to subscribe to and post it there. The hylafax-users mailing list will also reach many of the right people, and is the next best thing if subscribing to -devel and filing a bug report seem like too much trouble. Bottom line - we want your bugs!!

Current beta release (4.3.0beta1)

The source can be downloaded from:

A source RPM will be announced shortly - watch this space!

New features of particular note




A complete list of changes from 4.2.5 is as follows:

  • flush modem I/O on receptions before sending any data (03 Apr 2006)
  • fix incorrect "Fax protocol error" in ECM mode (03 Apr 2006)
  • add German NSFs and correct HylaFAX NSF bit order (03 Apr 2006)
  • set Class1RMPersistence to 0 in digi config prototype (03 Apr 2006)
  • extend V.21 HDLC frame reception timeout to 10 sec (03 Apr 2006)
  • ignore MESSAGE-WAITING response after dialing (02 Apr 2006)
  • Correctly remove EOFB at the end of MMR images (02 Apr 2006)
  • set minimum of 4800 for V.34 primary rate renegotiations (02 Apr 2006)
  • improve handling of V.34 control channel retrain (02 Apr 2006)
  • Add isdn4linux modem config prototype (02 Apr 2006)
  • Add IAXmodem config prototype (02 Apr 2006)
  • Update config.guess & config.sub (27 Mar 2006)
  • Add JobControl (obsoletes DestControl) (27 Mar 2006)
  • Fix hfaxd SNPP login code to 250 (Bug 732) (27 Mar 2006)
  • Fix hfaxd timezone handling on new GLIBC (BUG 723) (24 Mar 2006)
  • Fix locking of recvq tiff files (BUG 739) (23 Mar 2006)
  • fix batching of page jobs (23 Mar 2006)
  • expand Class1JBIGSupport to allow for differentiation between full, none, send, and receive support (17 Mar 2006)
  • remove QualifyCID in lieu of DynamicConfig RejectCall (15 Mar 2006)
  • fix buffer overrun in NSF parsing (21 Feb 2006)
  • add dictionary for notify, faxrcvd, and pollrcvd internationalization support (21 Feb 2006)
  • add CHARSET config option for mailing scripts (21 Feb 2006)
  • use To-Company and To-Name coverpage entries in the notification message if they are available to use (21 Feb 2006)
  • add support for libtiff-3.8 (31 Jan 2006)
  • use PDF in q-files when appropriate (30 Jan 2006)
  • fix configure in vsnprintf detection (30 Jan 2006)
  • fix segfault on some compilers where the rare occassion of receiving CTC instead of PPS occurs (30 Jan 2006)
  • fix rare occassion where TCF fails following an unexpected receipt of prologue frames (30 Jan 2006)

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