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Desktop Client Software

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This page is a collection of desktop client software packages that are known to work with HylaFAX. If you see something missing here, please feel free to add it! For the sake of fairness, software has been listed in alphabetical order. Please respect this convention when you make additions.

See also Web Based Faxing and other Related Software.


  • AdiXein HFC: Free software to integrate HylaFAX and Microsoft Outlook!
  • Faxfrontend: Fax from a Debian desktop.
  • Frog FaxMail: Free Windows Hylafax Client
  • GFax: GNOME Facsimile Program
  • HylaFAXSender: Java fax client, tested on Mac OS X and Linux.
  • hylafront: Windows/*nix java based advanced gui client
  • hylapex: A multi-platform client written in python
  • IGSuite Integrated Groupware Suite
  • JHylaFAX: Sleek platform independent client written in Java
  • Khylafax
  • Macflex
  • Pyla: A multi-platform client Written in Python with Ldap integration.
  • Respond/PrintFax
  • SDfax: Mac software to send fax via, which uses HylaFAX.
  • Sambafax
  • Smbfax: Print to a faxmodem on your Samba server via HylaFAX.
  • SpoolFax: A middleware for faxing from applications
  • Susefax: Java client to HylaFAX, is part of the SuSE Linux distribution.
  • Tkhylafax
  • WHFC: A windows client for HylaFAX
  • W2hfax: Client for Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0.
  • Winflex: 16-bit fax client for the Windows 3.11 platform, but note it uses the old protocol.
  • Winprint HylaFAX: A simple-to-use Windows printer client
  • YajHFC: Yet another Java HylaFAX client


  • Cypheus
  • HyFAX: Windows Client, easy to use, fax catalog and addressbook in MySQL, Open Source, support and documentation in Italian language. The version "base" it is completely free.
  • HylaFAX-Client: Windows Client Free 30 day evaluation! Full Featured.
  • HylaFSP: Professional, easy to use "Print to fax" for Windows XP, 2003 and 2000. Now supports Terminal Services. Free 30-day evaluation!
  • Hylafx Printer A simple to install/use Windows printer client.
  • MacHylafax Mac OS X Client, free 14 day evaluation.

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