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Handbook:Binary Package Install

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If HylaFAX binaries are available for your environment, many times installing them will prove to be much easier than performing a source installation. Also, binary installations generally will provide a more uniform installation layout similar to other packages already on the system. A binary installation generally maintains the integrity of the system's package management system, especially in the case of RPM, which gives good vigilance over conflicts, requirements, and makes upgrading or uninstallations simple. If current HylaFAX binaries are available for your environment, it is generally recommended to use them or make them yourself for installation.

Note, however, that when using binaries made by others that you are often required to use specific versions of dependant packages (i.e. libtiff or awk) based on the packager's configuration.

Red Hat, Mandrake, and Turbo Linux

  1. Download the HylaFAX RPM available here.
  2. The following packages should be properly installed before HylaFAX. You can test by executing 'rpm -q packagename'.
  3. Uninstall mgetty-sendfax if it is installed via 'rpm -e mgetty-sendfax'.
  4. Install the HylaFAX RPM file(s) via 'rpm -Uvh hylafax*rpm'.
    Run /usr/sbin/faxsetup and then /usr/sbin/faxaddmodem and answer the questions appropriately. Note that it is critical to be consistent in the nomenclature for the modem. RedHat likes to set up /dev/modem as a symbolic link to the real serial port (for example /dev/ttyS1), however, I would recommmend that /dev/ttySx be used religiously during the HylaFAX setup.
    If faxaddmodem does not detect your modem type automagically then you will likely need to create a config file in /var/spool/hylafax/config for your modem and re-run faxaddmodem. See the Modem Config Files section. DPN
  5. Add the line: 'mo:2345:respawn:/usr/sbin/faxgetty ttySx' to /etc/inittab where ttySx is the name of your /dev device used in faxsetup and faxaddmodem. Also, run '/usr/sbin/ntsysv' and make sure that the hylafax service is set to be started. This service can be started, stopped, and restarted as any other service via '/etc/rc.d/init.d/hylafax'.
  6. HylaFAX faxsetup created a mail alias called FaxMaster. Edit this alias to direct mail to the intended recipient of fax information and incoming faxes. For example, 'pico /etc/aliases' and change the appropriate line to 'FaxMaster:' where is the intended e-mail address of the incoming fax recipient. (Actually, this could have been configured during faxsetup, but it likely got missed.) Then execute '/usr/bin/newaliases'.
  7. The HylaFAX installation is now complete. However, you'll likely only be able to receive one fax without re-executing '/usr/sbin/faxgetty ttySx' each time. So, the easiest way to get the /etc/inittab changes functioning is to restart the server, 'shutdown -r now' or to restart init via '/sbin/init q'.

SUSE Linux

Debian Linux

Other Distributions

You never know, some kind soul may have packaged HylaFAX for your OS. Please refer to our Binary Packages page for a complete list.

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