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(USR Modems are _NOT_ recommended for use with HylaFAX.)
(Analog Modems)
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*MultiTech MultiModemZBA
*MultiTech MultiModemZBA
*Conexant V.92 External Data/FAX Modem
*Conexant V.92 External Data/FAX Modem
*TRENDnet TFM-560X V.92 External Data/Voice/FAX Modem
==Analog Fax Boards==
==Analog Fax Boards==

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Unless otherwise noted these fax devices are fully compatible and recommended for use with HylaFAX.

Analog Modems

  • MultiTech MultiModemDID
  • MultiTech MultiModemZBA
  • Conexant V.92 External Data/FAX Modem
  • TRENDnet TFM-560X V.92 External Data/Voice/FAX Modem

Analog Fax Boards

Digital Fax Boards


Third Party Supported Hardware

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