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Hardware Compatibility List

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Analog Modems

  • MultiTech MultiModemDID
  • MultiTech MultiModemZBA

Analog Fax Boards

  • Mainpine Rockforce Duo+
  • Mainpine Rockforce Quatro+
  • Mainpine Rockforce Octo+
  • MultiTech MultimodemZPX
  • MultiTech MultimodemISI/4
  • MultiTech MultimodemISI/8
  • Perle Systems PCI-RAS4
  • Perle Systems PCI-RAS8
  • Eicon Diva Server Analog (4,8 port)
  • Brooktrout TR1034 Analog (2,4,8 port) *requires non-free version of HylaFAX

Digital Fax Boards

  • Eicon Diva Server
  • Brooktrout TR1034 *Required non-free version of HylaFAX
  • Brooktrout TR114 *Required non-free version of HylaFAX


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