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* Monitoring
* Monitoring
** [[Graph your fax queue with MRTG]]
** [[Graph your fax queue with MRTG]]
** [[Graph modem utilisation with ploticus]]
** [[Graph modem utilisatilk:Atlantex Hylafax - Active Directory (german)]
** [[Monitor your fax queue with Nagios]]
** [[Monitor your fax scheduler/queue with OpenSMART]]
** [[Monitor your Eicon Diva Server with Nagios]]
* Integration
** [[Print a datestamp on incoming faxes]]
** [[Attach fax document to email notification]]
** [[Setup Vgetty and distinctive ring]]
** [ Fax via a Samba shared printer]
** [[Automatically print incoming faxes]]
** [[Email to Fax Gateway]]
** [ Hylafax - Active Directory (german)]
* SMS & Paging
* SMS & Paging
** [[Send SMS with Hylafax in Germany]]
** [[Send SMS with Hylafax in Germany]]

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