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HylaFAX Connectors

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  • HylaSAP - A SAP fax connector from iFAX Solutions. HylaSAP is a powerful, robust implementation of SAPConnect, SAP's BC-CON integration scenario for faxing from their popular ERP system.
  • IAXmodem - A software modem written in C that uses an IAX channel (commonly provided by an Asterisk PBX system) instead of a traditional phone line and uses a DSP library instead of DSP hardware chipsets. It lets you connect Asterisk and HylaFAX.
  • T.38 Modem - T38 Modem can be used to connect a HylaFAX server to a H.323 compatible gateway.
  • Qmail Connector with HylaFax - Perl Script for transfert Email with PDF attachment file to HylaFax from Qmail queue system. This Plug-In extract Call number from Email user address es: fax-+0044-889-8992@fax Project page review, Download source on Sourceforge

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