There are a number of pre-built binary distributions of the HylaFAX source code that are blessed as safe for installation. These distributions are available by public FTP from various sites on the Internet.

NOTE: Beware of taking binary distributions from sites that are not on this list. HylaFAX includes several programs that are either started by the super-user or are installed as setuid root; thus installing untrusted distributions can be risky.

Many binary distributions are available on the master FTP site:

These currently include: [This list may be out of date, check the FTP directory.]

Alternate sites that either mirror the master FTP site or that have specific binary distributions are:

NOTE: These sites had binary distributions of FlexFAX or HylaFAX 3.0, they will presumably have HylaFAX 4.0 distributions soon.

FreeBSD binary distributions are available from:

NetBSD binary distributions are available from:

The binary distributions come with their own instructions. The following guidelines describe how to interpret the filenames to understand the format and contents of each distribution.

Distribution filenames are of the form: hylafax-<target>-<version>-<format>; where <target> describes the target system, <version> specifies the HylaFAX version the distribution was built from, and <format> specifies the format of the distribution as follows:

So, for example, hylafax-irix5-v3.0beta099-inst.tar is a binary distribution for machines running IRIX 5.x and the distribution is provided as IRIX inst images collected together in a single archive created by the tar program.

In addition to the binary distributions, there may also be two other files present for each target system. Files of the form INSTALL-*-* are installation instructions for a specific binary distribution. Files of the form gs*-*-tar.gz are binary distributions of Ghostscript, the Ghostscript fonts, and any associated .ps files; configured for use with HylaFAX.

How to setup a HylaFAX server and prepare it for use. HylaFAX table of contents.

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